Join Us!

Our squad programmes are for school age children and older who can swim comfortably in a 25m pool.  We also offer the opportunity to swim and train in Papatoetoe's 50m outdoor pool during the Summer season.

Swimmers are allocated to a squad Junior, Intermediate, and Senior based on ability following an initial assessment.


Initially new swimmers/members will need suitable swimwear, goggles and a swim cap. 

Intermediate and Senior squad members will need their own swimming equipment such as a pull bouy, kickboard, snorkel, and fins.

What does the programme teach my child? 

Each session is structured to build on previous lessons and are designed to increase strength, improve balance and flexibility.

As a member of the programme your child will:

1. Learn advanced stroke drills and skills.
2. Improve swimming techniques.
3. Improve endurance in swimming.
4. Participate in competitive swimming meets.
5. Develop mental stamina and confidence in the water.