Squad Manager

We have 5 swimming squads. Individuals are streamed into New Entry Juniors, Junior development, Intermediates, Seniors and Social Seniors based upon the coaching staff assessment of each swimmer's ability.

Each squad has its own manager to function effectively. The squad manager is the communication link between club administration and individual swimmers. In effect a communication conduit to ensure that all squad members, and their parents/caregivers, are well informed about events that concern them. This role requires someone with good communication skills and can commit to the squad for a year, or until replaced, even if their child moved up to a squad mid-way through the year. 

Squad Manager

Junior - Eddie Iosefa and Johann Botha

Intermediate - Rowena Seko

Senior - Arohaina Nimmo


Coaches are the lifeblood of our club, without them we have nothing to offer to our swimmers.

For anyone interested in learning how to coach we have a pathway of structured formal training, that we usually fund, as well as lots of practical opportunities to learn under the watchful eye of our more experienced coaches.

Coaching is a very rewarding and fulfilling role. If you are interested in this please discuss this with the Head Coach or Club President.

Coaching Structure

Head Coach: Brian Sorensen

Intermediate Coaches : Courtenay Funaki

Junior Coach : Vinsend Arudas and Jasmine Chan


There are many roles to fill within the club.

Supportive parents are always appreciated by the swimmers

Join our committee and/or offer to take up one of the following roles

  • Coaching
  • Squad Managers
  • Roster Manager
  • Officials Manager
  • Minute Taker
  • Website Manager
  • Notice Board Manager
  • Newsletter Manager
  • Camp Managers
  • National Event Managers
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Fundraising Application Managers
  • Social Activities Manager
  • Finance Sub-Committee
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Club Captain
  • President